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Sembar & Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Shales


Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Sands


Upper Goru (late Cretaceous) - Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Shales


License No: 393/PAK/2007
Location/Districts: Hyderabad,Matiari &Jamshoro
Date of Grant: 25-09-2007
Area (Sq.Km): 199.26
Policy: 2001(convertedto 2012 policy)
Rules: 2001

Milestones Achieved And Key Features:

Acquired 176 lkm 2D seismic

Interpreted 660 lkm 2D seismic and 10 wells data

Mapped 3 prospective structures & 3 leads

Matiari prospect: 21 , 12% porosity, recoverable P-50 reserves 107 BCF

Matiari West prospect: 9 , 11% porosity, recoverable P-50 reserves 67 BCF

Maachi prospect: 8.8, 9% porosity recoverable P-50 reserves 33MMBO

Estimated TD of Matiari-1 well is 3860m. Block

Estimated TD of Matiari West-1 well is 3995m.

Estimated TD of Maachi-1 well is 2750m.

A well developed gas infrastructure is available in the area surrounding the block

Potential of discovering good quality of sweet gas having the heating value of 800-900 BTU/SCF