Petroleum System


Sembar, Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Shales


Lower Goru (early Cretaceous) Sands and Pab (late Cretaceous) Carbonates Sui Main Lst, Sui Upper Lst and Habib Rahi Lst (Eocene) and Pirkoh Lst (Eocene)


Upper Goru (late Cretaceous), Ghazij Shales & Lower Goru Inter-bedded Shales


License No: 157/PAK/2003
Location/Districts: Shikarpur, Sukkur, Kashmor, Jacobabad
Date of Grant: 03-04-2003
Area (Sq.Km): 37.5
policy: 1994
Rules: 1986

Milestones Achieved And Key Features:

An additional well (Hasan-4) was successfully completed and put into production phase in 2014

Provisional Incentive Gas Price for incremental gas supply from Block-22 was notified by OGRA on February 23, 2016.

A Gas Collection Network of around 42.5 km has been established

Gas is being processed at a facility comprising of an Amine & dehydration unit

Gas is being injected into the national grid of SNGPL

Water Disposal well for managing water production from Block-22 field