Established in 1994, first ever private E & P company registered in the country.

Nov 1994

PEL was awarded Block-22 Hamza discovery area in Nov-1994.

Feb 1998

PEL drilled Hamza X-1 exploratory well in Feb-1998.This was a first ever discovery by a private E&P company.

FEB 1999

PEL drilled Hasan X-1 and discovering gas in Feb-1999.

FEB 2000

PEL drilled Sadiq X-1 in Feb-2000, resulted a gas discovery.

SEP 2002

PEL drilled Khanpur X-1 in Sep-2002,resulted gas discovery.

MARCH 2002

PEL was awarded Badar M.L in March-2002,Covering an area 129.65SQ.KM.

JUN 2002

PEL was awarded Mirpur Mathelo E.L in Jun-2002, covering an area of 1030.68SQ.KM.

APR 2003

PEL was awarded Block-22 Hassan D&PL in Apr-2003, covering an area of 37.5sq.km.

APR 2003

PEL was awarded Sadiq D&PL in APR-2003, covering an area of 40.72SQ.KM.

APR 2003

KHANPUR D&P lease with an area of 41.78SQ.KM was awarded to PEL in APR-2003.

DEC 2003

PEL was awarded Salam E.L in DEC-2003, covering an area of 200.22SQK.KM.


PEL drilled kandra-3 well in dec-2003, resulted a suspended well.


PEL drilled Hamza X-2 appraisal well in Jan-2004, and it was successful.

MARCH 2005

PEL drilled Hasan-2 well in March-2005 and resulted a successful well.

APRIL 2005

PEL was awarded jhangra E.L in April-2005,convering an area of 357.19SQ.KM.

JUNE 2005

PEL was awarded New Larkana E.L in June-2005,covering an area of 2425.96SQ.KM.

AUG 2005

Maliri-1 was drilled by primer and PEL as JVP in AUG-2005,resulted a dry hole.

JAN 2006

PEL was awarded kandra D & PL in Jan-2006.

JAN 2006

PEL was awwarded Badin IV North in Jan-2006,current area of the E.L is 877.14SQ.KM.

JAN 2006

PEL was awarded Badin IV South in JAN-2006,current area is 864.41SQ.KM.

SEP 2006

PEL was awarded Offshore Indus-J in Sep-2006,covering an area of 2436.30SQ.KM.

JUNE 2007

PEL was awarded Haha permits Morocco(North Africa) in June-2007,with an area of 4919SQ.KM.

SEP 2007

PEL was awarded kaloi E.L in Sep-2007,covering an area of 2485.14SQ.KM.

SEP 2007

PEL was awarded MPKW in SEP-2007,covering an area of 199.26SQ.KM.

SEP 2007

PEL was awarded kaloi Sanghar East E.L in Sep-2007,covering an area2493.13SQ.KM.

SEP 2007

PEL drilled Hasan-3 a development well in Sep-2007 and was successful.

DEC 2007

PEL drilled Khanpur-2 development well & it was successful wel in Dec-2007.

APR 2008

Khoonj-1A was drilled by MPCL & PEL as JVP in Apr-2008, resulted a gas discovery.

AUG 2008

PEL drilled Kandra-4D exploratory well in Aug-2008,suspended well.

AUG 2008

PEL drilled Sadiq-2 development well in Aug-2008,and was successful

Nov 2008

Bodhla Bahar was drilled by MPCL WITH PEL as JVP in NOV-2008,resulted a dry hole.

DEC 2008

PEL drilled Jamali Deep-1 exploratory well in dec-2008 and resulted a dry hole.

FEB 2009

PEL drilled Rafay-1 exploratory well in Feb-2009,resulted a dry hole.

MAY 2011

PEL drilled Wahid-1 exploratory well in May-2011,resulted a dry hole.

APR 2012

Mian Micro-1 exploratory well was drilled by MPCL with PEL as JVP in Apr-2012,resulted a dry hole.

JAN 2014

PEL drilled Ayesha-1 exploratory well in jan-2014, reslted a gas discovery.

Feb 2014

PEL drilled Haleema-1 exploratory well in Feb-2014,resulted a dry hole

APR 2014

PEL drilled Hasan-4 development well in April-2014,it was successful.

APR 2014

PEL drilled Badar-2 development well in April-2014,it was successful.

NOV 2014

PEL drilled Tamanar-1 exploratory well in Nov-2014,resulted a suspended well due to operational problem.

FEB 2016

PEL drilled Aminah-1 an exploratory well in Feb-2016,resulted a Gas/Cond discovery.

MARCH 2016

PEL drilled Ayesha North-1 exploratory well in March-2016,resulted a Gas/Cond discovery.

DEC 2016

PEL drilled Tamanar-2 in Dec-2016,Suspended well.

Feb 2017

PEL was awarded Ayesha D&PL in FEB-2017 over Ayesha discovery.

FEB 2017

PEL was awarded Aminah D&PL over Aminah discovery in Feb-2017

JUNE 2017

PEL drilled Zainab-1 exploratory well in june-2017,resulted a Gas/Cond discovery.

JUL 2019

PEL was awarded Ayesha North-1 D&PL,over Ayesha North discovery in Jul-2019.

JUL 2019

PEL was awarded Doukkala RL in Jul-2019 covering an area of 4673.35 SQ.KM.


AYESHA field development with DHP unit & auxillary Facility 2019-2020.


Amine Sweetening Unit 2020-2021.

FEB 2020

Production from BIVS fields was started in Feb-2020.

DEC 2020

PEL awarded Zainab D&PL over Zainab discovery in Dec-2020.

March 2022

Zaharh North-1 (BIVS),to be drilled in March-2022.

APRIL 2022

Wasu-1(BIVN),to be drilled in April-2022.


Production from Zainab discovery-2022.